Corrals & Posses

2012 Award Winners

Co-Founders "Best Book" Award

1st Place: John Boessenecker, San Francisco Corral
When Law Was in the Holster: The Frontier Life of Bob Paul
University of Oklahoma Press

2nd Place: Charles H. Herner, Adobe Corral
Alexander O. Brodie: Frontiersman, Rough Rider, Governor
TCU Press

3rd Place: James E. Potter, Pine Ridge Corral
Standing Firmly by the Flag: Nebraska Territory and the Civil War, 1861 - 1867
University of Nebraska Press

"Coke" Wood Award for Monographs and Articles

1st Place: James E. Potter, Pine Ridge Corral
Wearing the Hempen Neck-tie: Lynching in Nebraska, 1858 – 1919
Nebraska State Historical Society

2nd Place: Richard H. Dillon, San Francisco Corral
Sergeant Dillon with the Dynamite Squads, 1906 (Parts 1 & 2)
Bill Anderson, California Quarterly

3rd Place: Charlotte Hinger, Fort Collins Corral
Black Renaissance in Helena and Laramie: Hatched on Top of the Rocky Mountains

Philip A. Danielson Award for Best Programs

1st Place: Dr. Jeff Broome, Denver Posse
The Soldier Who Almost Killed Wild Bill Hickok: John Kyle, John Kelly, or John Kile?

2nd Place (tie): Abraham Hoffman, Los Angeles Corral
Actor, Outlaw, Author, Lawman: Encounters between William S. Hart, Al Jennings, James Franklin, “Bud” Ledbetter, and Bill Tilghman
2nd Place (tie): Phil Brigandi, Los Angeles Corral
The Death Valley Chuck-Walla: Startling the Uninitiated

Fred Olds Western Poetry Award

1st Place: Tim Heflin, Los Angeles Corral
God Got a Saddle Partner
The Westerners, Los Angeles Corral

2nd Place: Jerry Selmer, Los Angeles Corral
The Ghost
The Westerners, Los Angeles Corral

Heads Up Award

Corrals Organized Prior to 1973
Los Angeles Corral, Los Angeles, California
Joseph Cavallo, Sheriff

Corrals Organized 1973 and Later
Fort Abraham Lincoln Corral, Bismarck, North Dakota
Mike Knudson, Sheriff

Overseas Corrals
Linz Corral, Linz, Austria
Hans Jorg Ratzenboeck, Sheriff

Best Doctoral Dissertation in Western U. S. History by a graduate student member of Phi Alpha Theta
John M. Rhea, PhD
University of Oklahoma

Women and the Construction of American Indian Scholarship, 1830-1941

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