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Westerners International 100 Outstanding 20th Century Non-fiction Books on the American West, 1901-2000 by Year

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The Transition Period of California from a Province of Mexico to a State of the American Union in 1850 – Samuel H. Willey

A History of the American Fur Trade of the Far West (3 Vols.) – Hiram M. Chittenden

Vanished Arizona: Recollections of My Army Life – Martha Summerhayes

The Fighting Cheyennes – George Bird Grinnell

Spanish Exploration in the Southwest, 1542-1706 – Herbert Bolton, Editor

Six Years with the Texas Rangers, 1875 to 1881 – James B. Gillette

Rainbow Bridge: Circling Navajo Mountain and Explorations in the "Bad Lands" of Southern Utah and Northern Arizona – Charles L. Bernheimer

Handbook of the Indians of California – A. L. Kroeber

Mississippi Steamboatin': A History of Steamboating on the Mississippi and its Tributaries – Herbert and Edward Quick

The Overland Trail: The Epic Path of the Pioneers to Oregon – Agnes C. Laut

The Santa Fe Trail – Robert L. Duffus

Outpost of Empire: The Story of the Founding of San Francisco - Herbert E. Bolton
Schliemann: The Story of a Gold-seeker – Emil Ludwig (Translated from the German by D. F. Tait)
The Great Plains – Walter Prescott Webb

Triggernometry: A Gallery of Gunfighters – Eugene Cunningham

Ordeal by Hunger: The Story of the Donner Party – George R. Stewart

Rim of Christendom: A Biography of Eusebio Francisco Kino, Pacific Coast Pioneer – Herbert Eugene Bolton
Charles Goodnight: Cowman and Plainsman – J. Evetts Haley
Interwoven: A Pioneer Chronicle – Sallie Reynolds Matthews

Old Jules – Mari Sandoz

The Outlaw Trail: A History of Butch Cassidy and the “Wild Bunch” – Charles Kelly

Carbine and Lance: The Story of Old Fort Sill – Wilbur S. Nye

No Life for a Lady – Agnes Morley Cleaveland
The Longhorns – J. Frank Dobie
War Chief Joseph – Helen A. Howard and Dan L. McGrath

Crazy Horse: The Strange Man of the Oglalas – Mari Sandoz

Across the Wide Missouri – Bernard DeVoto

Westward Expansion: A History of the American Frontier – Ray Allen Billington

The Reckless Breed of Men: The Trappers and Fur Traders of the Southwest – Robert Glass Cleland

A Treasury of Western Folklore – B. A. Botkin, Editor

Wagon Roads West: A Study of Federal Road Surveys and Construction in the Trans-Mississippi West 1846-1869 – W. Turrentine Jackson

Journals of Lewis and Clark – Bernard DeVoto, Editor
Mostly Alkali – Stephen P. Jocelyn
Cheyenne Autumn – Mari Sandoz

Great River: The Rio Grande in North American History
(2 Vols.) – Paul Horgan
Bent's Fort – David Lavender

The Look of the Old West – William Foster-Harris

Before Barbed Wire: L. A. Huffman, Photographer on Horseback - Mark Brown and W. R. Felton
My Confession: Recollections of a Rogue – Samuel Chamberlain
Men to Match My Mountains: The Opening of the Far West, 1840-1900 – Irving Stone
The Indian Wars of the West – Paul I. Wellman

The Age of Steam: A Classic Album of American Railroading – Lucius Beebe and Charles Clegg
The King Ranch (2 Vols.) – Tom Lea

Klondike Fever: Life and Death of the Last Great Gold Rush – Pierre Berton

The Lives and Legends of Buffalo Bill – Don Russell
Tularosa: Last of the Frontier West – C. L. Sonnichsen

The Forgotten Peninsula: A Naturalist in Baja California – Joseph Wood Krutch
The March of the Montana Column: A Prelude to the Custer Disaster, Lt. J. H. Bradley - E. I. Stewart, Editor

Why the West Was Wild – Joseph Snell and Nyle Miller
The Last Days of the Sioux Nation – Robert M. Utley

They Called Him Wild Bill: The Life and Adventures of James Butler Hickok – Joseph Rosa
The Gathering of Zion: The Story of the Mormon Trail – Wallace Stegner

The Nez Perce and the Opening of the Northwest – Alvin M. Josephy, Jr.

Sutter's Fort: Gateway to the Gold Fields – Oscar Lewis
Jesse James Was His Name; or, Fact and Fiction Concerning the Careers of the Notorious James Brothers of Missouri – William Settle, Jr.

Fool's Gold: The Decline and Fall of Captain John Sutter of California - Richard Dillon

The Geronimo Campaign – Odie B. Faulk
Sweet Medicine: Continuing Role of the Sacred Arrows, the Sun Dance, and the Sacred Buffalo Hat in Northern Cheyenne History (2 Vols.) – Peter J. Powell

Shotgun for Hire: The Story of "Deacon" Jim Miller, Killer of Pat Garrett – Glenn Shirley

The Genesis of the Frontier Thesis: A Study in Historical Creativity – Ray Allen Billington

Dog Soldiers, Bear Men, and Buffalo Women: A Study of the Societies and Cults of the Plains Indians – Thomas E. Mails
Frontier Regulars: The United States Army and the Indians, 1866-1890 – Robert M. Utley

The Buffalo Book: The Full Saga of the American Animal – David Dary
Pat Garrett: The Story of a Western Lawman – Leon Metz

Fifty Great Western Illustrators: A Bibliographic Check List – Jeff Dykes
Moon of Popping Trees – Rex Alan Smith

Bat Masterson: The Man and the Legend – Robert DeArment
Buffalo Bill, His Family, Friends, Fame, Failures, and Fortunes – Nellie Snyder Yost

The Southwest – David Lavender

Cowboy Culture: A Saga of Five Centuries – David Dary
Custer Legends – Lawrence A. Frost
Deadwood: The Golden Years – Watson Parker

El Paso Lawman: G. W. Campbell – Fred Egloff
The World Rushed In: The California Gold Rush Experience – J. S. Holiday
Westering Women and the Frontier Experience 1800-1915 – Sandra L. Myres

Westering Man: The Life of Joseph Walker – Bil Gilbert

Adobe Walls: The History and Archeology of the 1874 Trading Post – T. Lindsay Baker and Billy R. Harrison
Trails South: The Wagon-Road Economy in Dodge City-Panhandle Region – C. Robert Haywood
Death Valley & the Amargosa: A Land of Illusion – Richard Lingenfelter

Sacramento, Excursions into its History and Natural World – William M. Holden

Platte River Road Narratives: A Descriptive Bibliography of Travel over the Great Central Overland Route – Merrill J. Mattes
The Donner Party Rescue Site: Johnson's Ranch on Bear River – Jack and Richard Steed

Custer's Last Campaign: Mitch Boyer and the Little Bighorn Reconstructed – John S. Gray
The West as America: Reinterpreting Images of the Frontier, 1820-1920 – Will H. Truettner, Editor

The Custer Reader – Paul Andrew Hutton, Editor
Ishi in Two Worlds: A Biography of the Last Wild Indian in North America – Theodora Kroeber
Goldfield: The Last Gold Rush on the Western Frontier – Sally Zanjani
The Spanish Frontier in North America – David Weber

Dictionary of the American West – Win Blevins
Hokahey! A Good Day to Die!: The Indian Casualties of the Custer Fight – Richard G. Hardorff
Buffalo Soldiers, Braves and the Brass: – F. N. Schubert

The Last Gunfighter: John Wesley Hardin – Richard Marohn
A Good Year to Die: The Story of the Great Sioux War – Charles M. Robinson III

Undaunted Courage: Meriwether Lewis, Thomas Jefferson, and the Opening of the American West – Stephen Ambrose

The Plains Indians – Paul H. Carlson
The New Encyclopedia of the American West – Howard R. Lamar, Editor
The West of Billy the Kid – Frederick Nolan

Bear Flag Rising: The Conquest of California, 1846 – Dale L. Walker
Long Day's Journey: The Steamboat and Stagecoach Era in the Northern West – Carlos Arnaldo Schwantes

Nothing Like it in the World: The Men Who Built the Transcontinental Railroad 1863 -1869 – Stephen Ambrose

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