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Casper Corral in Wyoming: contact Doug Cubbison, 307-472-1857 or email Doug Cubbison.

Waco Corral in Texas: contact Jay Black, 254-756-1633 or e-mail Jay Black.

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October 15-18th
Newport Beach, California
Newport Beach Marriott Hotel and Spa

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Dues to the Home Ranch are $5.00 per member per year

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are four times a year in 2014

National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum
Oklahoma City, OK

Westerners International 100 Outstanding 20th Century Non-fiction Books on the American West, 1901-2000



Welcome to Westerners International

©Photo by Jim Argo

Westerners International (WI) is a non-profit Foundation, Inc. first organized in 1959 to promote communication and cooperation between Corrals and Posses, and to stimulate interest and research in the history of the North American West. The WI "Home Ranch" is located at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, where we publish and mail Buckskin Bulletin quarterly to Westerners everywhere. WI also assists in the organization of new Corrals and Posses and registers their brands.

The Westerners movement was started in Chicago in 1944 by Leland D. Case, editor of The Rotarian magazine, and Elmo Scott Watson, newspaperman and educator. Slowly the Westerners movement grew. The Denver Posse was organized in January 1945 followed by Corrals in St. Louis and Los Angeles in 1946; New York City in 1952; Tucson, Laramie, and the Black Hills Corrals in 1953. In 1954, the Potomac Corral was founded in Washington, D.C., and the first overseas Corral was established in England. The year 1955 saw Corrals and Posses established in Spokane, Wash., Kansas City, Mo., and in Paris, France. During the years since, more than 145 Corrals and Posses - some cities have more than one - have been organized throughout the United States and overseas.

©Photo by Jim Argo

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Westerners International
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